Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Purposely Not Posting.......

I have purposely not been posting for a while. I have been writing stuff up, and saving articles and photos, but not publishing them. The reason is, I have had something in the works.

I was planning on making a series videos on how I sharpen knives with a belt sander. It seems I spend a lot of time on emails helping people out with that, so the videos seemed appropriate. I wanted to have short videos and text too. A blog post would work, but is not the best for long term storage. I came up with the idea to host it on a new website, and it just has snowballed from there to cover more topics too. So, I started a new website Backyard Bushcraft (

It is currently only a skeleton, with very little content. I will be making functional changes, and adding content often. For now, I will probably duplicate posts here and there for awhile until I see how it things work out.

It should be fun……


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