Saturday, December 8, 2007

Batoning is not Abuse!!!

The whole reason I made this video is that it seems on most knife forums that batoning is one of the most controversial subjects. Batoning is probably the source of more broken knives than any other use method.

Us owners of good knives love to do it, without fear or hesitation! But, you still see people saying stuff like:
- It is not necessary.
- You should never need to do it.
- Wrong tool for the job.
- They are not going to select a knife based on being able to baton.
- Etc, etc, etc.

I think people think of batoning as using a big knife to split wood. That is exactly what this video is about..... a different type of batoning.

Here, I am using a small knife (SR YK) and a baton to make something very common in bushcraft. A notch. This method is very quick, very effective, and has multiple uses. Making a cooking crane, tent peg, tarp guy line peg, pretty much anything you would need a notch for.

I really like how my dog IMMEDIATELY runs off with my baton the second I set it down :)


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