Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well, sometime ago I abandoned my folding pocket knife in favor of a small fixed blade to carry everday. The main reasons being eliminating the folding mechanism and a better selection of steel.

The only problem is that the knife I was using was just too big. The blade was a little long, handle a bit bulking, and it was in a small leather sheath. Even though it was a small sheath, it was kind of a pain to dig out. Along comes the Swamp Warden......

These are great little knives from the Swamp. Made from SR101 steel, which is a modified 52100. If you ever do some searching about Swamp Rat knives, you will soon find that the steel is legendary. The Warden's come with a skeletonized handle. I didn't take my photos until I had already wrapped the handle if 550 cord.

The little kydex sheath works great for carrying it around your neck, or take the cord off and it goes nicely in the pocket. It is much better in my pocket than my previous knife....shorter, thinner, lighter.

I ordered two because I knew if I just got one, my wife would steal it. So, hers is the Sage colored, and mine is the black one.

A close up showing the cord warp.


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