Monday, November 5, 2007

Rabbits Beware!!!

This was not exactly planned, but I said that if I ever got another dog, I wanted another beagle. We always had beagles growing up, and rabbit hunting with them is a blast. Besides, beagles are notoriously loyal family dogs.

This one will be a pet first, but I would also like to work with him to hunt. I think Brendan would really like that when he gets older too.

If you never got to grow up with a dog, it is great, but hard to explain. Like trying to explain to someone that doesn't have kids how you can not imagine life without them. They just won't get it.

Here is the pup and Jen.

Chillin in the living room.

Playing in the leaf pile.

Maddie and the puppy sacked out. It is amazing how well they all get along so quickly.


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