Thursday, July 19, 2007

Camping Fun

As you know, Jen already posted pictures and stories of our UP camping trip. Although, there is one story that she thought it would be appropriate for me to tell. It involves out sleeping arrangements.

We just set up the tent and “camped” at my friends 50 acres. Since that was a quick trip, we left Jen and Maddie’s sleeping bags behind and they shared a BIG one that I used for cold weather camping. For our latest trip, we were planning on going back to the original sleeping bag arrangements. In packing all our gear for this trip I had to make sure that I grabbed all the right sleeping bags. As always, grabbing all this stuff and packing it in a timely manner is chaos, but I was sure I grabbed all the correct sleeping gear.

When we get to our camp site, we popped up the tent. In order to keep bugs out of the tent, I just start chucking all the stuff in the tent that belongs there, and then we can go in and set things up. Again, I was paying particular attention to anything, just looking at stuff and if it goes in the tent, throw it in. Well, while I was doing something else, Jen set up everything for inside. I hear her say from inside the tent that her bag is not in there. I check everywhere outside, and it is not there either. So, okay, I messed up, so I will go without a bag.

Normally, in mid-July this would not be an issue. But, for some reason a cold front came in that day. By dinner time we were all wearing sweatshirts all ready. I knew it was going to get a bit cold that night. Luckily, we did have a thin picnic blanket in the car, so I figured I would use that. It ended up getting pretty cold. I ended up waking up cold a couple times in the middle of the night, and kept throwing clothes (shirts, sweatshirts, etc) on top of my “blanket” to try and stay a bit warmer. I also had to curl up because the blanket was not long enough to cover me.

If you are wondering if I have a point to this story, it is coming.

That night was over, I only had one more to do like that before moving on to the cabin. The following night, rain was predicted. I told Jen to make sure everything is moved away from the tent walls, because even though it is water-resistant, water will leech through if anything was touching. While moving stuff away from the walls, what does Jen find in the corner, beneath her cot!!!! YES, it was her sleeping bag!!!!!

Needless to say, the second night did not get nearly as cold, and I pretty much did not need the sleeping bag :)

It is no big deal, I just thought it was a funny story.


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