Monday, April 16, 2007

March 10th - Hunting Again

Saturday, Brendan and I went hunting again. The temperature got up to the mid-50's, so I figured we actually had a good chance at it today. We went out for about 2 hours. For the first half hour, we were actually serious about hunting. Brendan was quiet, and we were doing good. The rest of the time, we just played.

Brendan had me cut him a walking stick. So, the rest of the time it was his light saber, and he beat up every tree that he came across : ) We also spent some time throwing rocks and sticks in a creek. Of course, we had plenty of snacks and hot chocolate. Overall, it was just a good day to be out.

I only took a couple of pictures this time. Brendan brought his own Quigley rifle. He carried it like I was carrying mine, and also had to sit it next to mine as well.

Along our route in and out, there is an old deer blind, that still has a chair there. We usually use that for a break point. Here is Brendan with a cookie in each hand.

Being that there was snow, and we were making tracks, I made Brendan lead us out back to the truck. One time, he wasn't paying attention, and wandered away, looked around, then re-found our tracks. He did an excellent job.

I forgot to mention, that with it being so warm, the snow was pretty much all gone, everywhere. Except for in the woods. It was still hanging on there. So, it was much warmer than the photos make it look like. By the time we were done, Brendan's pants and boots were completely soaked. Luckily, we brought extra and changed at the truck before leaving.

That is all for now. Until we do something fun again.....


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