Monday, April 16, 2007

February 18th - Hunting Buddy

Today, Brendan and I went out Squirrel hunting. This is really a much better time of year to be rabbit hunting. But, the brush you have to go through is usually really thick, and shots without using a dog, are generally very fast. So, it is not something that is easy to do with a 4 year old. So, we were squirrel hunting. The only problem is that this late in the year, most squirrels are sitting tight, and today was no exception.

That is okay, because we do not take our hunting too seriously. Mainly because Brendan doesn't know how to be quiet : ) Plus, he has fun running, falling, and making new trails. It was just a good day to be out.

Here is a picture of the silly guy. At first, he was making snow angels in the trail, but I made him sit up for a photo.

Now, Bunky really knows how to hunt in style. We came across a bench on one of the trails. Here is with a handwarmer, a snack, and a cup full of hot chocolate : )

Here is the Mountain Man himself, with walking stick.

We found a cool little creek around. Brendan was convinced he was going to get to go it. But, I just took our picture by it instead.

Finally, just another picture of the area we were walking in. We actually did walk quite far today, and Brendan did all if it, except the last little bit on the raod back to the truck.


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