Monday, April 16, 2007

February 14th - UP Trip

Well, I started this site quite some time ago and I have not done anything with it. Partially because Jen already has the blog going at that tells about all the family activities. I finally decided to try and keep this one updated with stuff that Jen wouldn't normally put there.

It is a very rare occassion that I go off and do something without at least one of the kiddies. However, my friend Mike bought 200 acres in the UP, and we were dying to check it out more thoroughly. So, I actually took off last weekend on my own.

Mike's property is 1/2 off the nearest logging road. So, there is no immediate access to it yet. The logging road is also gated about 2 miles prior to his property. So, it will be good for keeping people out. The below photo is about 6 miles away at the start of the logging road. It is also where we stayed the night. Since we had a 1700 pound camper in the back of his truck, and we were in BFE, and the snow was deep enough, we decided not to chance seeing if we could make it.

So, being manly men, we decided to try and walk it. Yup, that is 12 miles round trip, in lots of clothes, in the snow. Needless to say, we did not make it. We made it around 3 miles or so before deciding to head back. With all the clothes on, and in some spots the snow was pretty deep, it was just too tiring. We did however hike just over 6 miles that day, and I sure did sleep like a baby that night.

The land was really nice on the walk. I really wanted to take some photos, but I wanted the camera under my jacket, instead of in my backpack so that the batteries would not die. However, with the amount of layers I had on, then my day pack has a wasit strap, and a sternum strap, I just could not find a spot in my jacket that the little point and shoot camera would not bug me. So, no pictures along the route. The only other picture I took was of my Maxpedition day pack. If you look close, you can see the super trusty Camp Tramp strapped on the side. The entire main compartment of the bag is free, but using the front compartments, and the little bag attached to the right side (you can barely see it with the double zippers), I seriously have enough gear to be on my own for weeks.

That's it for now. I am not sure when my next adventure will be.



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